<a href="#" class="IndexCard IndexCard--profile">
    <div class="IndexCard-profile">
        <img class="IndexCard-image" src="/assets/img/team/james-g-154.jpg" alt="Isabella Herzog II"> </div>
    <div class="IndexCard-details">
        <p class="IndexCard-name">Isabella Herzog II</p>
<a href="{{indexCardUrl}}" class="IndexCard{% if indexCardModifier %} IndexCard{{indexCardModifier}}{% endif %}">
    <div class="IndexCard-profile">
        {% if imageSrc %}<img class="IndexCard-image" src="{{imageSrc}}" alt="{{indexCardName}}">{% endif %}
    <div class="IndexCard-details">
        <p class="IndexCard-name">{{indexCardName}}</p>
        {% if indexCardInfo %}<span class="IndexCard-info">{{indexCardInfo}}</span>{% endif %}
  "imageSrc": "/assets/img/team/james-g-154.jpg",
  "indexCardName": "Isabella Herzog II",
  "indexCardInfo": null,
  "indexCardUrl": "#",
  "indexCardModifier": "--profile"

IndexCards are a type of content block for displaying small chunks of information; usually as meta information to accompany the content around it. IndexCards can be displayed in as single items (e.g. on articles) or in groups (e.g. listing the team members on the About page).