<div class="PageLead PageLead--image ">
    <div class="PageLead-primary">
        <img src="/assets/img/blog-header.jpg" alt="Ideas">
<div class="PageLead {% if pageLeadModifier %}PageLead{{pageLeadModifier}} {% endif %}">
    <div class="PageLead-primary">
    {% if "--image" in pageLeadModifier %}
        <img src="{{pageLeadSrc}}" alt="{{pageLeadAlt}}">
    {% else %}
        {% include '@lead' with {leadModifier: '--wrapper Bar'} %}
    {% endif %}
    {% if pageLeadSecondary %}
    <div class="PageLead-secondary">
        {% include '@list' with listItems %}
    {% endif %}
  "leadText": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Labore sapiente molestiae sed? Consectetur illo repellat dolorum assumenda, voluptatum explicabo architecto? <a href=\"#\">Here’s a link</a>.",
  "pageLeadModifier": "--image",
  "pageLeadAlt": "Ideas",
  "pageLeadSrc": "/assets/img/blog-header.jpg"

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