Inject Energy.

How do you give a magazine a huge boost to increase readership? This is the story of how we made Apple’s “Best Newsstand App” with 97,000 new downloads in 4 months.
Graham Smith
We’re in the news room, in the centre of all the activity, watching the team capture, edit, and share events from all over the world. It’s fast-moving, exciting, and iterative. In that moment, I realised that we could also design in a way that harnesses that same excitement.

James Box, UX Director, Team lead

The challenge for Evo Magazine

Evo’s existing app was well-regarded and had a loyal fan base, but its traditional, page-turn format wasn’t allowing that fan base to grow. Our brief was to create a product that still delivered a rich editorial experience, but would widen the audience and prolong reader engagement.

We were approached by Dennis Media Factory to help them define that strategy and create a vision for the next iteration of the magazine’s native apps.

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How do you give form to content that has never existed before?

To accommodate the eclectic mix of content to be produced, we created a “feed”. This took on the shape of a mosaic of content presented as a grid.

But without knowing the shape of future content, we couldn’t define a pixel-perfect grid. Instead we created a system using a series of art boards that would adapt to the ever-changing content.

We outlined a new content strategy that blended the traditional long-form, along with shorter bite-size content from their other channels. All this content aimed to address the needs of both existing fans and new users.

It was designed in HTML to work across the full range of devices that a responsive design supports, making the most of the power of the great photography and editorial design that makes EVO such a compelling magazine.

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The Results

Change in behaviour.

Radically improve existing products and services, or create them from scratch. Optimise a key interaction to get big results, give your website a new lease of life, or work with the team to conceive, create and build on an entirely new idea.

Get clear on your strategy

You might need a targeted intervention, to unpick a thorny problem, or a fresh perspective on your process. Our strategists work with you to research and develop an appropriate digital strategy that integrates with your organisation.

Transform your digital culture

Upskill your team, develop your processes, integrate design thinking and introduce new habits. By working closely with the Clearleft team as part of your in-house process, or in a bespoke workshop setting, you get an external perspective that’s directly relevant to your needs.

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