Attraction Tickets Direct (ATD) sell tickets to the world’s leading theme parks and attractions. ATD were concerned that their checkout process was not performing as well as it should be –somewhere along the line customers were being let down and lost. They approached Clearleft to help reduce customer drop-out and increase conversion from basket to sale. We were given two weeks to make a difference.

I remember a really good sense of collaboration. There were a lot of moving parts—us at Clearleft, the team at Channel 4, but also the team at ITN. I think we had a really good working relationship between all of those people.
James Bates
James Bates

The Results

A launchable MVP with direction

This four week project has provided the space to shape a long term vision for the website and define a launchable MVP. Rooting the initial requirements in a wider vision enabled a strong concept and proposition to be baked into the website from the start. It also provided a roadmap for enhancements that build on these solid foundations.

One team with a shared vision

Close collaboration and co-locating throughout has led to a sense of shared understanding and ownership of the website. Embedding the thinking behind the designs and creating guiding principles to inform and evaluate the outputs has enabled the team to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

Accelerated problem solving

Adopting more effective design practice is often best encouraged and achieved through doing it and having a positive experience. The impact of group sketching, showing work as it emerges and inviting the wider team into the process led to a desire from the OU team to work in this way more often. Adding another sentance here to see what the spacing is like.

Channel 4 Team
The channel 4 news team. Image courtesy of ITN News
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